Military Relocations

Hello and Welcome!

My name is Ryan and I am an experienced, driven, client focused Realtor based in the Ottawa area that can’t wait to hear your story. We have put this booklet together as a starting point for your HHT process, and moving forward it would be a pleasure to help make your transition as smooth as possible. Together we will assess your situation and create a game plan to tackle your Real Estate needs head on. When you arrive we will be ready to hit the ground running.

If a new posting has you heading back out of Ottawa, we have you covered as well. We will tailor a personal listing strategy based on your timeline, property and market conditions. I also have a vast network of trusted Realtors that are ready to help you get settled in your new posting location. 

With my network of BGRS approved inspectors and lawyers, we are ready to negotiate your purchase/sale from start to finish.

I look forward to exceeding your expectations.


Can I go on my HHT if my house has not sold yet?

In some situations it may be unavoidable to go on your HHT before selling your current home. You could be in the process of selling your home, or make the choice to move without selling if your financial situation allows for that. If you require the capital from your current home to purchase one in Ottawa then I would advise selling your current home first to be certain of purchase power.

How far ahead of my COS date would you recommend me taking my HHT?

In the ideal world it would be great if you could come 8 - 9 week prior to you COS date due to the fact that it takes 45-60 days on average for closing.

On average how many days will we spend looking at houses?

The house hunting process typically, if a mutual understanding of what you like and some prior research is done, should only take a couple of days to reach the offering stage. It takes approximately a day to negotiate a deal, but that can also vary with market conditions (i.e. Buyer vs. Seller market). You should leave a day or so in case something goes wrong on inspection, which we will try to pre-book ahead of offering for efficiency.

How many inspections will Brookfield Cover?

Brookfield typically only covers 1. So it's important to note that if you inspect a home and it doesn't work out for some reason (or you pre-inspect and don't win the bid), you would have to cover the next one.

Does BGRS have a set price for listing?

No, the pricing and marketing strategy for your home is something that we will review and decide on together to achieve top dollar and a smooth sale. Your goals are our goals!

Does the level of service change due to the set fees of BGRS?

Not at all! Regardless of the BGRS guidelines on compensation (which we happily adhere to) you will receive the complete customer service experience that you deserve. We look forward to exceeding your expectations.

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